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Due Diligence is a process for assessing risks. There are many potential risks associated with NIL so it’s important to use a defined process to help minimize risks as you start or continue your NIL journey.

You will:

  1. Define due diligence and how it relates to sports and NIL
  2. Identify third-parties that you might work with in the  NIL space
  3. In-depth breakdown of our proprietary athlete due diligence process – S.I.F.T
    • Sort, Inquire, Filter, Try
      • Explore S.I.F.T. as it relates to NIL opportunities
      • Explore S.I.F.T. as it relates to potential  NIL advisors you may consider hiring
  4. Focus on red flags and positive indicators for NIL opportunities and advisors

  1. Computer, Tablet or Smart Phone
  2. Internet Access

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