Interview Skills

This course covers the essential aspects of successful interviewing, including communication, organization, and preparation. You will learn the significance of aligning your values with the company culture, mastering the do’s and don’ts of interview etiquette, and excelling during the interview with strategies like active listening and honest communication. Additionally, you will be equipped with post-interview […]

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Resume Building

In this course, we examine all the steps and parts of building your resume. This course will cover how to brainstorm the contents of a resume, highlighting your accomplishments and skills, as well as how to write interesting and relevant descriptions of your education and professional experience. We break it down step by step so

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Teamwork for Athletes

Have you ever heard the phrase “teamwork makes the dream work?” This course defines the four major components of a great team, how to create and maintain great teams and how to work through an unsuccessful team situation. We break it down and identify exemplary teams and what makes them so special. We guide you

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NIL | Collectives

Collectives were created in 2021 and have become an integral part of Name, Image & Likeness  world at the collegiate level. This course will review a comprehensive breakdown of their inception to how they function today. You will: Learn about what are they Understand their role in the NIL ecosystem Analyze their relationships with the

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NIL | Contracts

Contracts can be challenging to understand.  It’s normal to feel a bit overwhelmed when you receive a contract. This course will help you understand the various types and parts of NIL contracts to make sure you are protected as you navigate NIL. You will: Analyze what (4) components needed to formalize a contract How to

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NIL | Money & Taxes

If you participate in NIL you’re becoming an Athlete CEO. We want to be sure you have great personal financial management skills as you start your NIL journey. This course will explore topics like: budgeting, saving, credit and best practices of preparing your taxes as an NIL independent contractor. Be ready to learn about money

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NIL | Due Diligence

Due Diligence is a process for assessing risks. There are many potential risks associated with NIL so it’s important to use a defined process to help minimize risks as you start or continue your NIL journey. You will: Define due diligence and how it relates to sports and NIL Identify third-parties that you might work

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NIL | Decision-Making

Decision Making is the first layer in our NIL foundational education. We introduce our decision making model and walk you through our process and how it relates to NIL.  You Will:  In-depth breakdown our proprietary athlete decision making model – R.E.A.P. Recognize, Evaluate, Analyze, Produce Apply the model to NIL and life decisions Review tips

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